Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life is spinning by!!

Well the summer...and my life!!! Keeps spinning by!!!!! We have had a lot of fun as a family, but every day seems to be slipping through my fingers like water!!! We have had rain forest weather... ( I was pretty sure we lived in a desert ...but oh well...) The days have been cool and wet and the roses are absolutely in rose heaven ...Or maybe I am... I think my peas are pretty happy as well, not to mention my beautiful red lettuce ...both of which I have never been successful with before.
I have been sewing too... currently 5 little flower girl dresses, aprons, doll clothes, and hopefully soon skirts and jackets! I will be including patterns for these items in my store soon!
My camera and I have been very close as well... of course I am trying to save my moments with the adorable kids and the beautiful lush flowers on film (or computer , which is the case with my digital world...) .
Illustrating is also sneaking in there as often as is so much fun to do art!!!
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Birds of a Feather said...

Officially monday we will be on summer "holiday" and I am feeling like I need one more week! How did June go by so quickly? Anywa, lovely blog you have here, and seet kiddos, and gorgeous flowers ~ love them all!

xo Heidi

Anonymous said...

Flowers and Sleepy Babies. Doesn't get better than that!! Thank you for stopping by. Loved visiting your little corner of the world. Will be back.

warm wishes,
Karen Eileen
P.s. we have the same taste in music....when you wish upon a star...