Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looking forward to a new arrival

My sweet niece is looking forward to her first baby. My daughter hosted a baby shower for her
and it was so sweet. We are anxiously awaiting news of his birth!Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's a Robin kind of day!!!!

For as long as I can remember a robin has been the first sign of spring!!!!
And here He is in all of his glory!!! I don't know about you ...but I am thrilled
and have been anticipating the arrival of Spring for many weeks! I have been in my garden working...and there is oh so much work to do! But... I have enjoyed it , and have many plans for the yard this year...( of course I always do!) I have planted Forgetmenots (chinese, and Blue Bird), Shirley Poppies, Candytuft, Bachelors Buttons, HollyHocks , Snap Dragons and Larkspur ! I really hope that something comes up!!!!! Lately, my Forgetmenots have "forgot" to come up.... very frustrating!!! I also plan to plant a few more roses! I just adore my roses. I especially like the David Austin roses , and I usually have to send away for those. One of the ones I really have my eye on this year is; "The Generous Gardener" strange name, but a very Beautiful rose!!!!!!!! Another is "Katheryn Morley" a beautiful rose.
I also plan to visit my favorite nursery...and purchase some beautiful annuals! I will also plant some seeds, but I am sure I will want some back up ,in case my seedlings don't work.....
One of my most favorite flowers is Nicotiana..."Sylvestris" which is a tall white "JASMINE SCENTED" variety which is just breath takingly BEAUTIFUL!!!! As far as I know you have to mail order those seeds too! I really have to hurry with that!!!!! WEll!!! Happy Gardening every one... and Happy ST. Patricks Day! Maybe if we plant today we will have extra good luck???
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