Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Those Sweet "RED SHOES"...!

I love those red shoes!!!! The Wizard of Oz of course spurred my love affair with little girls in red shoes!!! And well ......"There IS no place like Home" I always made sure that my little girls had at least one if not a couple of pair of red shoes. When Candace was little, we couldn't make her take them off! ( Maybe she just always wanted a way back home). Natasha had a the first pair of real ruby slippers with sparkles!!! She got them from Nanny and grandpa when she turned 8.Last August, Ellie and Arrianne got a pair of the sparkly ones , and I have never seen little girls more happy to wear their shoes!!!! And pose for shoe pictures! Little Arrianne was an adoreable Dorothy for Halloween this past year. So cute! Marshall gave me these tiny Wizard of Oz trinket shoes to wear around my neck on a chain for Christmas a couple of years ago! So precious.Tiny Lily has her own red shoes now shown above on the yellow brick road! Home should always be just a couple of clicks of the heels away right? Now lets all go get a pair of "Ruby slippers"!Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fairy wishes

I adore the vintage fairy prints! I will try to post any beautiful fairy pictures I can! So check my full blog by going to the "home" button .I wish we could all have a happier place. When all of my children were tiny ,we spent many hours telling fairy stories, creating fairy gardens, and trying to make our little world a delicate, gentle, world of beauty . I wish a world like that for all of us. Posted by Picasa

Beautiful vintage fairy prints

I love the tiny fairies depicted in this german print. How cute is it that the beatles are playing music for the fairies to frolick to?

This one I just adore... I grew one of these trees.( ok ...well tended an old one...)..The Golden Chain Tree... The pure yellow blossoms that hang down from this tree are heavenly!! The intoxicating scent filled the whole back yard with a sweet pea like aroma. I would be a fairy in one of these trees any day!! The blossoms also could be hung from a doorway and dried effortlessly while retaining their true color! Magical!
I am one that only thinks of the"sweet fairies" ...I love these vintage prints ..one day I will post some of my own drawings and paintings of fairies. Posted by Picasa

Sweet fairy favorites

This is just me with a little help from my friend photo shop. Hey, I can be the true little fairy I am inside somewhere.....
This is from a little vintage book I have , it's adorable.
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