Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life is so sweet! You can always look and find the sweetest things ever! Spring is peeking it's little head out today and the SUN is shining through! My first seeds have sprouted!!!! Today is filled with sunshine. I have neglected posting for quite a while now.... Life has tried to take it's tole on us, being jobless, and my dad dieing, my husband now has diabetes, and well... they say I probably have cancer! Well , there is still so much beauty in this world to drink up!!! We will still go on loving life , and creating things, and being with the sweet people I love so much!! Right??? So ... we go on and live each day to it's fullest, look for the beauty in every single raindrop, and petal, and insect, and smile and laugh!! I love life!!! So let the sun shine through!!!!! Posted by Picasa

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