Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wishing for color...and Summer blossoms

Today is a very ,very white day outside....and not that it isn't beautiful in its own way....but I am really missing the warmth and the color!!!!!!!!! I really do have a passion for gardening and photographing that which I do! I love the fragrance and sound of summer!!! I must admit I am even missing the bugs! You know, the hard working little honey bees, the lovely butterflies, the huge dragonflies , not to mention those adoreable ladybugs!
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LillaFlisan said...

Thank you ever so much for your nice comment!!!

You have such beautiful pictures!
How lovely to hear that you are half swedish! :-)
Do you speak any swedish?

I saw that you had a lot of pictures of faires.....
Have you seen Elsa Beskow's pictures or john Bauer's?
They where swedish artists who made fab. pictures of faires, prinsesses and flowerchildren.
(they illustrated a lot of childrensbooks)

If you google for pictures on their name you'll see a lot of amazing pictures!

I's so sorry that my english is so bad!!